Success accelerator CD

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The Diet Plate Success Accelerator is a 1 hour repeatable session full of relaxing undertones, which will give you a boost to your weight loss efforts. Adapted from the popular hypnoband therapy, the success accelerator meditation programme has been developed in collaboration with Michael Skirving.

Michaels dulcet tones relax you into a deep state where you are not really awake nor asleep, but open to suggestions. These suggestions encourage you to practice portion control with your food, use your Diet Plate daily, address self esteem issues and gently change your behaviour away from comfort eating.

1 x Diet Plate Meditation CD by Michael Skirving

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The Diet Plate Online

Check out our adaptive weight management system, that's like having your own personal dietitian.

Debbie Headen

Lost over 24 KG / 4 Stone

I followed the plan to the letter and was astonished at how quickly the weight was falling off and at how quickly my figure was coming back.

I will never go back to the old Debbie, I love my life now. I love being slim and buying clothes that look just how the designer intended.

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