What do you think about food?

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16th Jan 2014 12:03 (UTC)

Seems like a silly question doesn't it? But really, what do you think about food? Food can be thought about in so many different ways, as a punishment it can be removed or rationed, it can be given as a reward, it can even be used as blackmail, although usually by parents. I saw something the other day and it made me think, just what would you be prepared to go through to have some good food? Now this question is starting to get annoying isn't it as the answer to this question is purely circumstantial.

Celebrity get me out of here or whatever it's called, they eat hideous things to win food for the rest of their team, or friends or whatever it is, I can't say I paid it too much attention but what a strange new angle on food and its importance in our life! This is why I was asking the question about what you think about food, because this will change based on the position you are in at the time, let me put a few scenarios to you.

If you were so hungry you would eat anything, you probably would eat anything to survive, fortunately most of us will never know what that feels like thankfully, or do we? When our brain tells us we're hungry and we need to eat as soon as possible, we reach for some pretty disgusting stuff to crave this hunger pang we now have, we'll reach for sugar, fat, chemicals, preservatives and all sorts of nasty grab food so we can eat it quickly because "I'm starving, I could eat a horse!" This Ladies and Gentlemen is our emotional attachment to food, and when we are in that frame of mind, we pretty much what that is, it needs to taste nice and we just need it NOW!

There are few things that need to be considered when embarking on weight loss or just a healthy eating regime, what food is available in the house? Planning ahead is important as you are then making sure that when you're "starving" you can only reach for food that suits your new lifestyle, never go shopping when you're hungry as you'll buy all sorts of rubbish because that's how you feel at that exact moment in time. Our eating becomes an extension of how we feel. Some questions for you.

What food is sad food?
What food is happy food?
What food is sexy food?
What food is essential food?

An idea of what the majority of people will say and why;

Sad food: Ice-cream, crackers or crisps with dips, pop corn and chocolate, and lots of it. You'll eat this because you feel down and need to be lifted up, and this type of food helps you to wallow in self pity for a while until the endorphins kick in and pick you up.

Happy Food: Pretty much all of the above with a few cakes thrown in for good measure. You'll eat this because you're really happy, this time it's not to lift you up it's to celebrate, this is the food that I love and I'm eating it because I'm happy yeah, go me!

Sexy Food: Pretty much all of the above with a different dip, sorry but you know what I mean here. This time it's for pure pleasure and indulgence, it's slippy and sexy and creates different sensations and it's fun to eat and it fully compliments the activity it's being used with because it's all feel good.

Essential food: Meat, vegetables, 5 a day, boring stuff I have to eat. With a few of the above mixed in because It makes It tolerable.

This I'm afraid is what the majority of everyday people would think about food, there will be some of you who absolutely disagree with this, good, then you clearly think about your food for different benefits, Like I do. The only emotional attachment I have with food now, is the satisfaction that everything I eat is benefiting my body, this makes it sad, happy sexy and essential in my eyes, I am as guilty as the people above and adapt my mood to suit the circumstance, I just have a different range of food that appeals to me based on my lifestyle.

So next time you're planning your weekly shop, have a think about what food groups you've chosen and see if there is a weekly pattern that you go through to make you choose that type of food, maybe Wednesday is your busiest and most annoying day of the week so you get home and have your comfort food night in front of the TV to calm down. Friday is the end of the week so of course it's time to celebrate, most of this will be sub-conscious, you'll just buy items for these circumstances without giving it too much thought. Think about it next time you do your shopping list and see what you consciously change now.

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