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27th Dec 2013 11:28 (UTC)

New year is here again and 2014 promises to be a good one, with the recession finally behind us and the doom and gloom hopefully gone, we can now concentrate on ourselves instead of worrying about the rest of the world. The benefits of getting slimmer, healthier and fitter will ensure a happy year ahead for you and your whole family, maybe even look forward to a family holiday full of fun, sea, sun and laughter, heaven knows we all deserve one this year. 

The first house to get in order is our own health, this means getting to the right weight for our height, getting fitter and sustaining it. More often than not those who start their weight loss on New Years day often last less than a week before falling off the wagon and giving up. 

Faddy, quick fix diets do not work and in fact can be quite damaging to your health. If you choose one despite the nagging common sense, that you know it will not be sustainable, then try to think twice and don't. We often set expectations too high, such as trying to lose 10lbs in a week, to do that, we are looking to cut 35,000 calories from our diet in a week - not healthy, not easy and definitely not sustainable. This is far too drastic and while it may shock the body into losing quite a lot of weight (mostly water and glycogen), the following week it will probably be  gained back and you may even gain more weight as the body prepares in advance for another famine. Rapid weight loss like this can't be sustained and to be frank is not the way to lose weight or keep it off. 

You need to cut 500 calories a day (Diet Plate does this for you) this will give a weight loss of 1-2lbs a week, it is highly sustainable to eat a balanced fulfilling diet day in and day out using this method. In fact, most people comment on how the Diet Plate is nothing like a traditional weight loss diet but liken it to just getting on with life and no big deal.

This is our aim, this is why we say you can eat what you love to cook, why you can choose all your favourite recipes, why there is no fuss while you lose a steady 1-2lb a week, every week.

New Year panic dieting is not the right way to think because invariably it means that when we stop the "diet," then there has been no change of behaviour or attitude towards food, just a sticking plaster which will last only a short time. To lose weight and remain slim forever requires a change of thinking, a shift in mindset is needed. One where practising portion control becomes second nature, where it is simple to make the right food choices, one where we listen to our bodies and take a mental note of which food makes a difference to how we feel. If we become mindful eaters, practice portion control, then weight loss and weight maintenance will follow without issue.

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James Dennis

Lost over 105 KG / 17 Stone

After an injury which left me unable to exercise anymore, I started to gain weight at an alarming rate. It did not take me too long to reach a whopping 36 and a half stone.

I used The Diet Plate every night and followed the plan. I started to lose weight and quite rapidly began to look much better.