Do Statins increase risk of Diabetes by up to 50%?

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21st Jun 2017 16:29 (UTC)

In a recent study of Statin therapy, a type of drug used to reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular related issues (heart attacks, strokes, etc) and lower the bodys cholesterol. It has been evidenced that the risk of onset Diabetes in women over 75 years could increase as much as 50%. This has come about from a 10 year study performed by the University of Queensland Australia.

The 10 year study which began in 2003, was performed on 8372 women who were born between the years 1921 and 1926 and free of Diabetes. Its results showed that statin exposure was linked to a 33% increased risk of onset diabetes for those on standard Statin dosages, and up to 50% for higher dosages.

The study indicating that older women are at greater risk and should most probably not be put on large dosages. Despite the increased risk of diabetes, Statins have been shown to be effective in reducing cardiovascular events and so despite this increased risk, so medication is often warranted.

The increase in glucose levels can be manageable for those that have little to no choice. The important thing is consult your GP, they can give you their informed medical opinion on if it is worth reducing dosages. With diabetes week having just passed it is highly advised to have your glucose levels checked anyway, and for those on Statin medications it is doubly so.

Diabetes treatment and prevention can be achieved in a few simple steps and whether you ask your doctor to support you or our tools to monitor yourself, you can make a difference by starting today.

The Queensland University study brief;

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