Diabetes awareness week 2017

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17th Jun 2017 14:48 (UTC)

As Diabetes Week 2017 comes to a close, the aim has been to remove the fiction and debunk the common myths surrounding Diabetes, the diabetic community and its supporters taking the strong theme of "Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes". The wide encouragement is to seek out advice from your General Practitioner, local pharmacy, the free services provided by the NHS, to get yourself checked and to encourage friends and family who may be suffering or are high risk to have themselves checked out.

Learn to recognise what are the signs and symptoms of Diabetes:

  • An increased thirst and constant dry mouth.
  • Hunger, even after you have eaten.
  • Unexplainable weight loss, even though you are eating meals
  • Frequent urination even during the night.
  • As the body expels excess glucose in urine it can also increase infections, urinary infections and itchy genitals may also be a sign.
  • Feeling weak and tired, fatigued even after sleep.
  • Blurry or diminished vision.
  • In the most serious of cases a diabetic coma or sudden loss of consciousness.

If you observe these symptoms in yourself or those close to you, seek out medical advice. Any such symptoms that persist should be checked with a doctor, but if you remember the signs, you can take action sooner to prevent Diabetes.

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