CBD Oils - What we know about Cannabidiol

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8th Nov 2019 15:00 (UTC)

In June 2018 the F.D.A approved its first drug to take an active compound directly from the Marijuana plant, the active ingredient cannabidiol or CBD. Now this drug is used medically to treat severe seizures resulting from forms of Epilepsy.

However, evidence of Cannabis use has roots going back over 5000 years, and though only a handful of countries legalize it, some are adopting a decriminalisation process so that personal possession is a misdemeanour.

But now with the medical approval and legalization of CBD, coupled with the fact that the drowsy high sensation produced by the THC in the Marijuana is avoided, widespread production and use is growing.

Many reports of its use also include a sensation of pain relief for types of chronic and neuropathic pain, a study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis and there are also reports of Anxiety management, though this is primarily conjecture these claims make the drug very appealing.

The fact is though that there are very few long term studies and more are needed to solidify what effects correlate to it. In some reportings CBD is shown to cause nausea, fatigue and irritability and is clearly intended by professional bodies as medication for severe conditions.

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