Calories in butter

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27th Jan 2015 12:53 (UTC)

Top Tip for getting butter servings under control. 

Now the scientists have given the thumbs up to butter as not being overly detrimental to the human body, what we need to address is the calories as they forgot to mention that in all the press releases. Fat is 9 calories per gram and though there is an element of protein in butter (say 10%) at 4 calories per gram, on the whole a 250g packet of butter is equal to 2,130 calories. According to the Diet Plate rules, 15g or  1" cube is the portion size you need to aim for. You can't lose weight while spreading butter on toast too thickly, it may have been proved not to clog your arteries but calories do count when it comes to weight loss and 15g which is a relatively small amount will give you 135 calories and that is without the toast which may add another 150 calories if you are not careful on the bread you choose. One piece of buttered toast then is equal to 285 calories, which is a big chunk of your daily allowance when you are trying to lose weight, mindfulness is key here.

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