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I have always been considered a "big lad," my mum had 4 boys and all of us are! I am 6'5" and having played rugby most of my life, I am quite broad and muscular. I have always loved food and having a doting grandmother didn't help - she was always making cakes and feeding me up, especially as I went to live with her for a period in my life when my parents had been injured in a car crash. My grandma made the most amazing trifles and cakes and I was always there as a willing helper - if not baking, then eating them!

My portion sizes had always been huge, mum was cooking for a large family of boys and we were forever hungry, so food played an enormous part of our lives. Then after an injury which left me unable to play any more or even exercise properly, I started to gain weight at an alarming rate. In fact, it did not take me too long to reach a whopping 36 and a half stone (511lbs or 227kg), as you can imagine, I started to feel quite poorly and went along to see the doctor who, worryingly, told me if I did not lose weight I probably had three years left to live - I was just 32 years old.

The doctor sent me to the hospital where I was put on a VLCD, which is a "very low calorie diet." This consisted of food packs, powder that you mix with water, the trouble was I hated the taste, even the smell put me off and even though I lost 2 stones in the first month I stopped taking them. In fact, I stopped eating altogether and was on my 9th day of starvation when I went to the The Diet Plate ® to fix the company's networks and install a new PC.

The owner Kay, was shocked by my appearance and said I looked like a cadaver, apparently a dead body. Kay told me to sit down and tell her my story, which I did. That night Kay took me under her wing, I bought a male Diet Plate and Bowl from her and that evening Kay cooked my first meal in six weeks for me and served it on the Diet Plate, explaining how and why it worked. We became firm friends and over the course of two years, I learned how to eat again, I learned all about food groups, nutrition and what constitutes a correct portion size. As I used The Diet Plate® every night and followed the plan I started to lose weight and quite rapidly began to look much better and became so inspired by my healthy eating routine, the weight loss and the feel good factor that my diet gave to me that I decided to challenge myself and get fit too.

The first thing I did - without training I hasten to add, was borrow a friend's bike and enter the Manchester to Blackpool cycle race. I did not expect to win but I did complete it and it made me feel fantastic. I was back in control; I had by life back. Later that year, I started kick boxing. I think I had found my preferred sport and after 12 months and three classes a week, I found myself representing England in the amateur world class kick boxing in Dublin. No one was happier than me when I was awarded the 3rd place trophy in my category, that day I felt absolutely great, I had lost 17 stones in weight and 22 inches from my waist and I was really fit.

The Diet Plate ® system is a daily part of my life, it has changed my life, it has empowered my life. The pictures speak for themselves, even though I still can't believe it sometimes the feeling of success is amazing. And the cost of this feeling was just under £40, in real terms though - priceless.

James Before:
36st 71lb
Waist: 62"

James After:
Waist: 40"

Time Taken:
Just over two years

James Dennis, Lost 17 Stone, Lose Weight, Healthy eating

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