Have you lost weight using the Diet Plate? Would you like to inspire others with your success story? If so, please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you and receive your before and after pictures. We get many requests from magazines and newspapers for testimonials, sometimes this really gives people something to work to and anchors their desire to be slimmer. We will always ask you for your permission to publish your success story outside of the testimonials on this site but everybody so far who has agreed to be in a publication has enjoyed the experience and had something to keep for the future.

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Paula’s Story “Last April (2008) I was a size 24 and living on junk food. Then a stroke and a cancer scare shocked me into action, I thought I was going to die. Now I’m 9 stones lighter and a size 8/10. I’m never going back.” Paula, 44, has lost almost half her body weight using The Diet Plate and regular exercise. She says it’s changed her life and brought her back to good health. Weight before: 20 stone (125kg) Weight after: 11 stone (68kg) Paula works part time as an office manager; she’s married with two children aged 8 and 18 and lives in Mottram, Great...[Read More]
My weight gradually crept up over the years and I tried to diet a zillion times, they worked but as soon I stopped the weight crept back double. Once the children flew the nest we soon fell into the trap of convenient foods and take always with treats, my weight crept up and tipped the scale of 16st.7lb. When I looked in the mirror I didn't see my size, I thought I looked OK. My baggy clothes were comfortable and hid a multitude of fat. I then saw a photo of myself; it was so shocking it threw me into reality of just how big I really was; a staggering size 24 /26 ...[Read More]
When I saw this picture of me on holiday, I thought I am growing into my mum. For three years I have spent most of it hunched over a desk researching and doing study for a degree. I seem to have been living on fast food and sugary snacks and I was horrified to see how much weight I had gained in such a short period.  I lost my fitness too, so one morning after searching Google for great diets, I came across the Diet Plate and bought the full set. Inside 4 months of use I had lost over 2 stone and so I thought I now had my weight under control and my portions under con...[Read More]
As a diabetic I need to keep my blood sugars under control so have to watch what I eat and keep my weight down. The condition does not make it easy, I have been struggling with my weight for years and years and because of that I was a member of weight watchers. I was with them for four years and during that time lost 3 stones in weight but the last year I seemed to gain a pound and lose a pound every other week and I was going no where.  I read about the Diet Plate in the Daily Express and thought for £40 I would give it a go, I had spent well over £1,200 wi...[Read More]
I am not very tall and because of that I can't really afford to carry much weight on my body, even ten pounds can add a dress size. A number of years ago I started my own company providing outside catering for businesses and parties. The business flourished, I love to cook and I love to make my own recipes and try them out which of course resulted in weight gain fairly quickly. I can't remember how I heard about the Diet Plate, I think it was from an old friend but I do remember why I got into conversation about weight loss, it was because a friend made a witty...[Read More]
I've gone from a size 16 to a size 10 so I'm really happy, here is a before picture taken Jan 1st 2012 and the after picture was taken at the end of 2012. I totally believe in the Diet Plate, I think it the most effective aid in the battle to lose weight and keep it off.  People forget that Portion Control is the key to successful weight loss, but many of us tire of using the scales and gradually the food portions increase. Three years ago I met the perfect gentleman, handsome and funny, the perfect couple.  We fell in love and a year later, were marr...[Read More]
I had picked up my holiday snaps from the chemist as was thumbing through them when I had to do a  double take at one. I was shocked, the picture of me was not quite how I saw myself in my own head, it was not the person I saw when I looked in the mirror. It was a much larger me and one that I did not want to keep around.  I decided that I had to lose some weight and had heard about a a VLCD which stands for very low calorie diet and I thought that was the way forward. I started dropping weight rapidly but once I returned to solid food I regained the weight as quickly ...[Read More]
As a child, I was always skinny. I did ice-skating, dancing, swimming, gymnastics and, unlike today's children, played out with my friends. I do think that some of the seeds which caused my overeating were sown during my childhood though. My parents divorced when I was less than a year old. At some point I was told that it was my fault- if I had been a boy my father wouldn't have strayed. My mum remarried when I was 6 and I soon had a sister and later a brother. My brother, who had downs syndrome was a ray of sunshine and I was his favourite. Unfortunately when he was three an...[Read More]
I decided to buy a Diet Plate and Bowl after someone had made a remark to me that cut quite deeply and hurt. I had read about the product in a magazine and it seemed to make sense the only thing was I did not like fruit and vegetables. I had always refused to eat them as a child and my mother must have given up on me or something because as I entered adulthood, I still felt the same. I needed to lose weight though, and I had tried all the regular old fashioned clubs and knew that they did not work very well for me. I just wanted to lose weight in the privacy of my own home, I wanted to ...[Read More]
I have always been considered a "big lad," my mum had 4 boys and all of us are! I am 6'5" and having played rugby most of my life, I am quite broad and muscular. I have always loved food and having a doting grandmother didn't help - she was always making cakes and feeding me up, especially as I went to live with her for a period in my life when my parents had been injured in a car crash. My grandma made the most amazing trifles and cakes and I was always there as a willing helper - if not baking, then eating them! My portion size...[Read More]
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