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How portion control can lead to easy weight loss...

Perfect portion control and maintaining the right weight for your height can be achieved through healthy diet and exercise, it's a fact that many of us already know. What we often don't know, is the easy weight loss methods in which to achieve and maintain losing weight each and every month.

We understand the honest effort that must be made, and not the fast harmful route of a diet pill or crash diet. The change must be consistent to lifestyle, unlike a diet pill designed to alter the body's chemistry or a starvation diet regime that causes massive harm. Losing weight must incorporate the long term goal of a healthy life and prevention of illness, if we are to avoid co-morbidities like Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, liver or kidney disease. It is also the sustainability of this lifestyle that we concentrate our efforts on, what we offer is not a quick fix, although the Diet Plate has shown rapid results but more of a way of life, that is easy to follow and gives results.

Club Diet Plate® provides the dieting information that you need, not just a weight loss product to sell. We show how to manage weight and provide the nutritional balance in a healthy diet, supplying the only tools you need for continued weight maintenance.

We show how:

  • Simple Calorie Counting

  • Knowledge of Diet and Exercise

  • An understanding of the psychology behind weight gain

  • Easy guides to weight maintenance

  • And an education to what is a healthy diet

Can give you the drive to begin.

Unlike a magical diet pill or unfounded weight loss schemes we also give you the support you need to continue moving forwards. Perfect Portion Control believes heavily on optimizing life, our goal is to give effective dieting information that provides groundwork for a continual healthy life.

We calorie count so you don't have to, our Clinically Trialled Diet Plate® will do the work for you, using simple calibrations to portion control any meal you are 6 times more likely to succeed*. With further knowledge of foods and the body's requirements, we show the variety to be had and how unrestricted you really are when it comes to losing weight.

Featured Testimonials

My weight gradually crept up over the years and I tried to diet a zillion times, they worked but as soon I stopped the weight crept back double. Once the children flew the nest we soon fell into the trap of convenient foods and take always with treats, my weight crept up and tipped the scale of 16st.7lb. When I looked in the mirror I didn't see my size...
When I saw this picture of me on holiday, I thought I am growing into my mum. For three years I have spent most of it hunched over a desk researching and doing study for a degree. I seem to have been living on fast food and sugary snacks and I was horrified to see how much weight I had gained in such a short period. I lost my fitness too, so one morning after searching...
As a diabetic I need to keep my blood sugars under control so have to watch what I eat and keep my weight down. The condition does not make it easy, I have been struggling with my weight for years and years and because of that I was a member of weight watchers. I was with them for four years and during that time lost 3 stones in weight but the last year I see...

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