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How portion control can lead to easy weight loss...

The Diet Plate when used daily will give a 2lb a week loss on average, and you still cook what you love to eat.

Female range

Multipack contains 2 Plates. Female and Female for perfect portion control and optimum weight management.
The Female Diet System, containing Female Plate and Calorie Counting Bowl, providing perfect portion control throughout the day. Simple and effective calibrations for any meal, a diet plate system
Single Female Plate, clinically proven weight loss product, to aid in weight management, designed around portion control, balanced food groups and calorie counting.

The Diet Plate is the world's first and original portion control system, Designed in 1995, it remains the only one with any published clinical evidence to work for weight loss  and help in controlling Type 2 Diabetes.

In fact, it was proven that you are 6 times more likely to lose weight if you are using the Diet Plate and 3 times more likely to control T2D if you suffer with Diabetes.

In January 2017, we launched the on-line Diet Plate, a truly dynamic weight loss program, which takes into account what you eat and how you exercise. It provides you with a Weight Loss Zone which we call the "Green Zone," stay inside the green zone and the weight will come off week in and week out. Diet Plate on-line works with your personal metabolic rate, it is tailored to you as an individual for maximum results.

Perfect portion control and maintaining the right weight for your height can be achieved through healthy diet and exercise, it has been clinically proven time and time again.

When we decide to lose weight, looking for the easiest method and the least painful route is in the front of our minds, we want easy weight loss methods in which to achieve and maintain losing weight each and every month. We provide you with all the weight loss strategy you need and £1 for 1lb it is extremely cost effective too.

A system that counts the calories for you, couldn't make it easier. An on-line program that educates and empowers.

Male Range

Two Male Diet Plates, designed to provide accurately nutritionally balanced portioned diets. It counts calories so you don't have to and supports healthy eating, with weight management, including weight maintenance.
The Male Diet System, using male plate with calorie counting bowl. Providing weight maintenance and perfect portion control.
Single Male Plate, a clinically proven weight management dish, proven to aid in weight loss and portion control. Balancing food groups and calories.

We understand the honest effort that must be made, and not the fast harmful route of a diet pill or a crash diet. The change must be consistent to lifestyle, unlike a diet pill designed to alter the body's chemistry or a starvation diet regime that causes massive harm and is ultimately self-defeating.

Losing weight must incorporate the long term goal of a healthy life and prevention of illness, if we are to avoid comorbidities like Type 2 Diabetes, particular cancers, liver and kidney disease. Sustainability of this lifestyle is what we concentrate our efforts on, because if a weight loss diet is not sustainable to reach our goals, then it has already failed.

Diet Plate online can provide the dieting information that you need. We show how to manage weight and provide nutritional balance in a healthy diet, supplying the only tools you need for continued weight maintenance. Joining Diet Plate online will support your efforts and make losing weight as easy as possible.

Multi-Packs and Bundles

Multipack, contains Male and Female Plates with calorie bowl and 2 booklets. Great for a couple where only one eats cereal, or they breakfast at different times of the day. Great too for a woman who has more than 7 stone to lose and would prefer to start off on the male Diet Plate moving to the Female version when weight plateaus.
Multipack contains 2 Plates. Female and Male for perfect portion control and optimum weight management. Healthy eating for him and her.
Two System Packs, for Men and Women, providing both Plate and Calorie Bowl. Optimum weight management and portion control.

Unlike an unsubstantiated diet pill or unfounded weight loss scheme, our online system will keep you moving forwards, our goal being to give effective dieting information and services, that provides the groundwork for a continual healthy life.

We calorie count so you don't have to, and our clinically trialled Diet Plate will do most of the work for you, using simple calibrations to portion control any meal you are 6 times more likely to succeed. With further knowledge of foods and the body's requirements, we show the variety to be had and how unrestricted you really are when it comes to losing weight.