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The Diet Plate is made from fine English earthenware, it is a durable, hand painted design which will not fade. It is microwave and dishwasher friendly but not oven proof. It is 11" (28cm) in diameter, the calibrations are within the 9" plate guidelines but it gives you much more space to fill up on healthier options such as; cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, leeks, cabbage and fresh salads.  We also have some melamine products in stock, they are an exact replica, a good weight and quality but they are not microwaveable, no melamine is. They are great for work, or the c...[Read More]
A. Yes they are with a the exception of bananas, these are starch based fruits and vary considerably in calories. The fun sized banana is approximately 80 calories, while the long ones can be double that! With vegetables, peas, corn, and potatoes are considered starchy veg as is parsnip when roasted but if eaten plain is slightly less calorific than peas or corn. If you are serving potatoes, peas and corn then all three vegetables sit inside the starchy carbohydrate area, giving a single serving of starch....[Read More]
A. If you can't find your favourite cereal on the list, then choose something similar to it, or work out from your chosen cereal a 140 calorie portion and pour it into the calorie bowl. Make a note of the colour band in your booklet. The milk at 125ml, if you chose 1% or 2% fat will make up for 60 calories giving you a perfectly proportion 200 calorie bowl of any cereal you enjoy! ...[Read More]
A. yes you can but be aware that pulses, beans, lentils, chick peas etc, contain both protein and starchy carbohydrate, so decide which section you are going to use first. For instance, if you had cooked green lentils as the main part of the meal or recipe, use the starchy carbohydrate section. However, tofu is all protein so use the protein section for that, them as usual, move the dish to one side of the Diet Plate and use the remaining space for your free vegetables as listed in the booklet....[Read More]
A. Yes you can, if you want to you can use it to get a measure for the correct size portions and then transfer the food to your lunch box container. Or you could buy a second Diet Plate for work if it is easier. However, if you have anything too heavy, depending on recipe, this will slow down your weight loss unless you are having a  light supper such as a salad. Remember you are aiming for 300-400 calories for lunch if you are female and 400-500 calories if you are male, unless lunch is your main meal of the day.  We will be launching the lunch plate soon. If you a...[Read More]
A. If you pile the food too high it will find its own level and soon cascade over the boundary tape. As soon as this happens, stop serving the measure and take off any excess, the food should sit neatly behind the tape and is the correct portion. At this point you can move the entire meal to one side of the Diet Plate and fill the remaining space with as much free vegetables or salad as you wish, even use a side plate if you need too. ...[Read More]
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