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Weight Loss Psychology

Mindset is extremely important for weight loss, in fact, the decision to take control of ones life is the first step to any diet and arguably the hardest part. Don't wait for inspiration or urge, don't rely on incentive to show its fleeting face merely to leave you with no will to continue. To make lasting, permanent change, one must learn and enforce discipline. Discipline is what takes us through the long journey, discipline is what keeps the mind on track and discipline will not abandon you during your next mood change.

The word discipline can be scary for most of us, it is responsibility, it is obligation, it is the onus we put upon ourselves to do better and it's scary because the only person we have to disappoint is ourselves. We're raised in this modern world to believe we should be perfect, that we should aim to be the models we see on TV, or current successful celebrity. The fact of the matter is, we are not these people, we are not living their lives, we can not rely on fortune they have to guarantee our own success.

When we discipline ourselves, we should be forgiving when we falter and consider the difficulty of the goal. Do not burden your path with endless changes and pick simple, single steps. The journey may take longer but the difference will be greater. If for example you have unhealthy sleeping or require substantial weight loss, choose to confront one problem rather than both together. When you have disciplined yourself on one, then take the next step.

Listen to your body, it's very clever and highly underestimated, if it is short of a nutrient, fluids or sleep, then it will send out signals letting you know so. We often see this expressed more in women who are pregnant i.e. pregnancy cravings for obscure foods.