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There are many valid reasons why we should lose weight apart from aesthetics, although the majority of us do lose weight to look good rather than feel better. Weight loss is necessary if you want to get your health under control for a fitter future and of course, to fit into that party dress and look great.

'James lost 17 stone or 238 lbs in two years, using the Diet Plate for every main meal.'

By losing weight we take a lot of strain off our internal organs and joints. Body fat can build up and surround internal organs, it can sit on top of your bladder, causing incontinence and it can grow in your diaphragm, pushing your lungs high up into the body cavity making it very difficult to breath properly.

Weight loss can make such a massive difference to your quality of life and that of your family if you are the one who takes the lead when it comes to meal times. In fact, the responsibility more often than not falls on your shoulders to ensure that your family eats a healthy diet and remains the right weight for their height. As a parent, you should know we produce fat cells twice in our life; when we are being weaned and when we are going through puberty. There is no such thing as puppy fat – just fat.

Children should never be put on strict diets because they are continually growing, but if weight loss is desired to prevent them becoming obese adults then you should consider a using a product like a weight loss plate, such as the Magic Plate. It will give a weight loss of around 1 lb a week, which is a safe amount to lose, this can be achieved easily using our fun healthy portion plate called the Magic plate  where there is no mention of the word “diet” just a very clever wizard delineating the portion sizes with a spell and his wand. There are many weight loss plates on the market since we created ours which is the original in 1995 but as our calibrations are protected IP others have called on a generic pattern, which is not quite giving the right nutritional balance. The proportions on the Magic plate give the same percentages of food groups as the balance of good health and reflect balanced nutrition, so as a weight loss plate you can be assured of the safety and accuracy. This is the same for the adult versions too, you will notice the male plate gives larger portion sizes because a man needs 500 calories a day more and therefore men do not have to restrict their calories so acutely to lose weight. 

Look and Feel Good

Weight loss plays a such a huge part in our well being, that it should be considered first and foremost when we start to feel ill, if we are stressed then we should look to our diet as certain foods will have effect on our moods. This is because for the majority of us, we may have gained weight over and above what is within the normal range and that causes diseases such as; Type 2 Diabetes  cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, kidney disease, joint pains, some cancers and rashes that can get sore or infected.

Weight gain accounts for most of the above and weight loss can help to cure or help to mitigate further injury to organs and joints. There is no time like the present to take control of your health through using the Diet Plate for portion control, weight loss and weight maintenance. The Diet Plate is a clinically proven to help control type 2 Diabetes, it is an excellent resource for people to use as we all eat off a plate so why not use it to control the calories properly and lose weight eating just what we love to cook. Although we do supply melamine versions, the original product was designed as a hand painted calibration to give effective portion control and weight loss while not separating the user from everyone else at the table. It is made entirely in the UK by one of the country's leading pottery companies Royal Stafford Table ware. The idea is to make the plate attractive to use by design, from a material that we prefer to eat off and keep it as a permanent way of maintaining weight loss and goal weight without appearing clinical or thought of as a novel gadget. 

There is nothing worse when you are trying to lose weight than being separated out of normal society or family life because in doing so it almost sets you up for failure. This is not what we are about, we want you to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your everyday life, just to get on with enjoying life while making weight loss as easy as possible for you.

To make weight loss easy apart from using a portion control plate like the Diet Plate, try keeping a food diary for a few weeks. It is surprising just how many unnecessary calories can sneak into your day without you really taking any notice and weight loss will definitely not occur if you go out of your weight loss zone. For women this is around 1350 calories a day and for men around 1750 calories. This can be a total eye opener and is well worth the effort in the first couple of weeks, as it will identify any areas that are not quite under control and empower you further.