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The Zone Diet

A diet which focuses on ratio meals, the concept being that "The Zone" is actually more a state of nutritional equilibrium, designed by the biochemist Barry Sears. It follows a rough guide to portion sizes for every meal through ratio. The diet gives no guide to how many calories should be consumed and focuses more on getting the right combination of ingredients.

According to Sears, once the body has reached "the zone" it will process at peak efficiency and allow a dieter to lose weight, the term is used as a title for the balancing of hormones, which as started in the literature surrounding it, is what the diet is all about.

In the Zone diet, participants must follow every meal to these ratios;

The diet also focuses more around breaking meal times into smaller chunks, instead of eating 3 large meals, they should break it up into six smaller ones. However the guide to the diet is not very in-depth and as such has no clear cut guide to the amount of calories that may be had, needless to day a participant who is prone to over eating may inadvertently increase their calorie intake for the day.

The diet contains no scientific backing for its theories, many doctors and indeed colleagues of Sear, criticizing the claims and lacking evidence to the diet.

In more recent years, Dr. Sears has promoted the addition of Omega 3 supplements into the diet to account for lack of fish in the diets constraints.

The concept is more focused around the idea of balancing hormones in the body, rather than losing excess weight. Due to the simple nature of the diet and only incorporating the three ratios, it teaches very little about proper diet, nor does it focus on exercise for the body, making it long term change rather unlikely.

 Like with any fad diets, participants should seek medial advice before attempting to drastically change their eating habits.