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The Semi-vegetarian or Flexitarian Diet

As the vegetarian diet has evolved over the years, what is acceptable and what is not has been become a constant source of debate and depends ultimately on the individuals choice, a Flexitarian is one that chooses to eat meat based products as and when they feel appropriate but is primarily a vegetarian.

The differences...

This differs from an omnivore purely on a ratio bases. A flexitarian is more likely to have a persistent diet of vegetables, nuts and fruits, while only eating meat on the odd occasion. This may be for medical or nutritional purposes or purely out of desire, the key factor of the diet being that this is not a natural part of their diet and is only ever introduced in minimal quantities.

A flexitarian will also take up eating meat for environmental or economical reasons; because of the heavy change in diet when compared those during and post World War's, intensive meat farming is higher than ever, this has lead to many buying meat when it is either cheaper to do so for the necessary nutrients (Based on a simple living principle) or because they understand that continued animal generations are based on public demand. While there is not such a great need for all the meat produced this does not mean it is entirely unnecessary, a complete abstinence from meat by a nation would cause massive damage if not extinction to many species of livestock.

Due to the history of vegetarianism, many people choose to follow the diet out of religion or personal ethics, many "pure" vegetarians may feel somewhat resentful to the those that choose to include meat in their diet while still referring to themselves as semi-vegetarian. It may be seen as an ethical lapse or an insult to a particular god.

However the nature of taste and nutrition has evolved over the years and people come to understand that ideologies don't have to be two-sided;

  • Pollotarians - Will actively to choose to eat chicken and other poultry but no other mammals, this can be for personal health reasons or environmental.
  • Pescetarians - Those that will choose to eat fish and other varied seafood but will abstain from mammals and poultry, closely related to the macrobiotic which, while being a plant-based diet can also include the occasional fish.
  • Pollo-pescetarians -This is a culmination of the previous two, they will eat both seafood and poultry while still avoiding red meat from any mammal.

Though there is no strict definition as of yet to what is considered semi-vegetarian and is still seen as matter of choice in regards to how much or how little meat is put into the diet, the term flexitarian has been taken to mean "a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat", implying that meat consumption is minimal and the vegetarian diet remains prominent.