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The Junk Food Diet

Also know as the Fast Food Diet and advocated by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, it follows a written guide into choosing the healthiest foods from restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC or Burger King. The diet is based around the idea that the person on it will only make the healthier choices when going through a drive through, working off the principle of eliminating trans/saturated-fats, which are linked to increased cholesterol and heat disease.

When following the book a person will not be able to eat French Fries or Sweetened Drinks, however despite this, the diet does provide a sensible guide to better choices from fast food restaurants, however the diet is flawed in several ways. Firstly it expects the participants to be eating junk most days, which is extremely harmful to long term health as fast food tends to be high-fat, high-salt and low-nutrition. It also requires a lot of self restraint on the dieters part, they must consciously decide at every meal to choose the healthiest option.

When followed to the letter, a dieter will be expected to reduce their calorie intake to roughly 1500 calories, which in itself would cause weight loss, it also ask that anyone on the diet walk at least one mile every day as a form a mild exercise.

The diet is very stringent and will try to eliminate most carbohydrates in the meal, this includes removing the bread bun from burgers and omitting any deserts. It can be a very difficult to maintain, requiring full conscious effort by the dieter. The book does provide some nutritional information on the better choices that can be made in diet however, the focus on unhealthy junk foods makes it almost redundant.