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The Israeli Army Diet

A fad diet in one of the truer senses, follows a short-term, quick weight loss regime with no lasting effects and long-term damage to metabolism. The diet came about in the 1970's and though it was promoted as the diet used by Israelis, it actually has no connection to them. Due to its lack of scientific evidence and numerous negative effects it was quickly dropped, rising in popularity only once more in the 1980's.

The diet only lasts 8 days and like many fad diets, focuses more around starvation, the serious malnourishment is where most participants will lose weight. It will often lead to dizziness, nausea and harm to the bodies metabolism, the drastic reduction in calories will lead the body retaining more fat once normal a normal diet is established.

Aside from the guide of what to eat, there is no long term goals or change involved or any help with nutrition, meaning many people following the diet will go back to old habits almost immediately.

The 8 days are split up and every 2 days the participant may only eat one type of food, because of the lacking information it is assumed that no other foods may be eaten other than what is listed.

8 Days

  • 1-2 Apples
  • 3-4 Cheese
  • 5-6 Chicken
  • 7-8 Salad

Dieters may also drink Tea or Coffee without milk or sugar.

This is as complete as the diet gets and though using it will have to stick to only eating those foods, on days 7-8 we assume "Salad" to mean any free vegetables that are not in the root family or starchy carbohydrates.

Those that have stuck by the diet have indeed shown weight loss, some losing as much as 10 pounds, however a percentage of this will include water weight and the other will be down to extreme starvation.

It is highly advised that anyone attempting a fad diet should consult their GP's first.