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The CRON Diet

Known also as the Anti-Aging Plan or Longevity Diet, stands for Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition and is structured around the reduction of nutrient empty foods such as white breads,pasta, processed foods etc. and focusing around high intake of nutrient heavy foods such as fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and fruit.  It was created by three individuals, Lisa Watford, Roy Watford a Professor of Pathology, and philosopher Brian M. Delaney.

The diet itself is non too specific on how it should be implemented, giving only basic guidelines as to what the dieter should do. Essentially it asks you to lower your calorie input through the day and switch foods to healthier alternative wherever possible. The diet works through lowering calories consumption by roughly 500 to 700. The dieter must calculate this themselves over the days and keep track of their eating habits. They must also make a conscious effort to choose high nutrient foods in place of empty-vitamin highly-calorific foods.

The diet shows promise in many animal studies, groups of mice placed on the diet, showed a lifespan increase and it is believed that the same effects can be seen in Humans too, the effects of a low calorie diet can also be seen in other cultures that have adapted the method.  Though it is not without its risks.

It recommends that the changes should be made in small alterations as the sudden drastic reduction of calories can put strain on the body, known side effects can include a cold feeling through the body and difficulty in sitting comfortably, which may be caused by a lack of some nutrients that are taken from less healthy foods. However over the years the restrictions on those particular foods, such as oily fish and lean meats have been reduced to accommodate new dieting trends and beliefs making it a more complete diet.

The groups behind the diet provide recipes that incorporate nutritional values in meals while remaining relatively calorie free , known as Free Choice-Meals, are designed to go in hand with high "nutrient super-charges" a term dubbed by the Walfords, which tend to be high nutrient, high fibre foods like Tofu and whole grains.  Once you understand the range of foods you are being recommended the dieter must decide for themselves their own calorie restriction though the recommended reduction is 20%.

Not following a specific guideline, participants may end up burning calories faster than expected or not receiving enough nutrients from bad choices in foods and so any low calorie diets should be treated with caution. It is always best to seek professional medical advice before beginning any serious commitments. The diet also promotes a healthy level of active exercise however this alters calorie loss and so should controlled in stages.

The weight loss programme requires maximum effort on the part of the dieter, who must count calories and attempt to make healthy choices every day, supplements can be used but should be governed by a nutritionist. They must learn to reduce their calorie intake everyday by either following set meals and weekly regimes provided by others taking the diet or come up with their own calorie reduced, high nutrient eating styles.