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The Blood Type Diet

As the title accurately explains, this is a diet based on the four specific blood types A, B, O, AB, where each one is given a specific regiment of what to eat. The diet was advocated in the 50's by Peter D'Adamo and publicised in his book titled Eat Right 4 Your Type. During the years the diet's style has come under serious medical criticism, many still stating that the diet does not have any conclusive or substantial clinical trials.

The diet is based off studies involving "Lectins" which are molecules used in the chemical process that binds carbohydrates and the reaction of the sugars in carbohydrates and Dr. D'Adamo goes further to say that if the body follows it's correct food path they're likely to reduce overall disease. He states that the diet should not be seen as a traditional "diet to lose weight" but a more traditional generalised term for an individuals eating habits.

Each blood type has a specific list attached to it, with a history of where each Type comes from. From this history, a food map has been drawn out consisting of ingredients more common in the time of the Blood Types origins.

  • Blood Type A - Believed by Dr D'Adamo to have originated some 20'000 years ago, during the birth of pre-modernistic Agriculture, where the hunter/gather role applied less and less. This type is known as the cultivator and according to D'Adamo should focus mainly on vegetables and crop based foods, they should also remove all red meat from the diet. This has close similarities to that of a vegetarianism.
  • Blood Type B - This type is described as the one with the best immune and digestive systems, it is known as the nomad in the diet. D'Adamo estimates this type to have originated 10'000 years ago. In his books he describes this type as the only Blood category that will benefit from large quantities of dairy products. In more recent years, this blood type has been found in the majority of Asians who are actually more susceptible to Lactose Intolerance.
  • Blood Type O - This type is known in the diet as the hunter, originally believed by D'Adamo to be the oldest blood type at 30'000 years old, he deemed that this type would be best suited to high protein diets. This was thought to be the oldest type by Peter D'Adamo, though with the further evolution in dating technology, it is now known to be Blood Type A.
  • Blood Type AB - Referred to as the enigma blood type, this more recent Blood Type of only 1'000 years old. This type is believed by D'Adamo to have the characteristics of both Type A and B, meaning that they should focus their diet mainly around both Carbohydrates and Dairy.

The diet is still criticised for its design and there are still no substantial Clinical Trials. It also seems that many of its core beliefs have now been disproved through further scientific study.