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The Bible Diet

A relatively new diet in comparison to many around and only recently established, they are forwarded by Garden of Life Incorporate, which includes the structured dietary regime and the accompanying supplements.

This diet despite it's name is more commonly associated with the Jewish faith rather than the Christian belief, many of it's core principals are centred around the Kosher belief, the only noticeable difference being that it takes certain passages from the bible to determine clean or unclean the food in question is. These are found in multiple books including Exodus, Genesis, Peter, Paul, Luke and of course the words of Leviticus Deuteronomy.
Promoted by a man named Jordan S. Rubin, who states the teachings are based around holy scriptures and that the passages that have been outlined are a clear guideline of what the Christian God deems as clean and unclean.

After being diagnosed with Crohn's Diseases at an early age, he sought help from many doctors until eventually turning to Jewish scripture and the Bible. After having taken up the Jewish diet and at the age of 19, he recovered from the disease, claiming that the diet had been the reason for it.

At current there is still no scientific journals from peers to legitimately support these claims, the company and Mr. Rubin as of 2004 have been asked to stop making unsubstantiated claims with regards to 8 of it's products.

A 3 Stage Diet

The programme consists of 3 stages spanning over a 40 day period;

  • 1. Days 1 - 14: The first stage in the diet is designed to stabilize the blood sugar levels of your body beginning with a restriction on set starchy carbohydrates. Pastas, Sugar, Potatoes, Corn, Bean, Legumes, Bread and Grains are all removed from the diet. This is to "detoxify" the body, though it also provides a balancing effect of the Omega 3 & 6 in the body while reducing insulin sensitivity. The limit on high sugar foods and carbohydrates is replaced with high levels of protein and vegetables. This is seen to be the hardest stage as the lack of usable sugars in the body can cause fatigue and irritability. Water intake should be upped and bed rest should be had when required.
  • 2. Days 15 - 28: The second stage is almost equal to the first in dietary respects, however by this point the body should regulating energy efficiently. You will continue to lose weight during this stage of the diet however it will be at a slower pace.
  • 3. Days 29 - 40: The final stage of the diet continues for the remaining time period and can be extended into further weeks where more weight loss is required. It is a slow reintroduction into the high sugar foods and carbohydrates, encouraging the healthy eating previously learnt.

The diet promotes good health and is very spiritually heavy during the stages of waiting and it isn't without certain flaws. If the diet is deviated from then it is recommended that the person go back to the previous stage to renter the flow of the programme.