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The Magic Plate for children - Fine English Earthenware

Magic Plate and Booklet
Magic Portion Plate
Magic Plate and Booklet
Magic Portion Plate
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  • Ages 4 - 11.
  • Fun design and educational
  • No mention of the word "Diet".
  • Portion Plate for children under 11 years.
  • Portion Control Education Made Easy.
  • A calorie counting system.
  • Dishwasher Proof.
  • Microwave Proof.
  • Fine Earthenware Made in England FDA approved.

The Magic Plate! Here to guide your children with a portion controlled diet and give them the correct nutritional balance through the pre-pubescent years. The Magic Plate as a portion control tool is designed to give the proper calorie intake for your child and only if obese, will they lose the weight naturally until they are at a healthy and safe level to prevent adult obesity.

A healthy diet doesn't mean weight loss. It can mean maintaining a positive equilibrium, a necessity for growing up. The calorie counting plates brings your child up with a portioned control diet which is suitable to either gender, with no mention of the word "Diet" on the product. Calorie counting systems like ours are here to help you give your child the best in life, because it's not just a weight loss tool but a template for healthy living.

Just like Female portion control plates, the Magic Plate follows the same portion control management. The calorie counting tool gives your child aged 4-11, a serving of 750-900 calories for their main meal of the day. If used with the portion control Bowls, the portion control system gives a 1250-1500 serving, with 300-400 calories for lunch. Snacks and occasional treats are allowed but consider the portion sizes being given.


1 x Magic Portion Plate

1 x 24 page Booklet

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