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Two Male Diet Plates - Fine English Earthenware

Two Male Diet Plates
Male Plate and Booklet
Two Male Diet Plates
Male Plate and Booklet
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  • 6 times more likely to lose weight
  • 3 times more likely to help control Diabetes
  • Clinically proven to work
  • Portion Control Made Easy
  • Nutritionally Balanced Portion Plates
  • Lose 1lb-3lb a week - every week
  • Made from Fine Earthenware
  • Microwave Proof
  • Dishwasher Proof

 The Male Diet Plate will help you to lose weight at 1lb - 3lbs a week. This is probably the best weight loss product in the world for men, it is visual and mathematical and it counts the calories so you don't have to give them a thought. The adult version has been through a randomized clinical study for portion control with the University of Calgary and the results said Endocrinologist Dr. Sue Pedersen, were "ground breaking and outstanding" and we hear about great results almost daily for customers who have either lost weight or been told they no longer fit the diagnostic criteria for Type 2 Diabetes.

 It is easy to follow and you don't have to change your cooking methods or food choices. Quite literally, the Diet Plate travels from the kitchen cupboard to the table and from the table to the dishwasher back to the cupboard. All you have to do is "use it to lose it!" There are just two rules, buy in plenty of fruit, salad and free vegetables and don't serve starchy carbohydrates, protein or meat sauces over the lines.

 If you follow this then you have your weight loss diet in a nutshell, easy to follow, effortless and it works!


2 x Male Diet Plate
2 x 24 page Instruction Booklet

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