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Female range

*ON SALE* Multipack contains 2 Plates. Female and Female for perfect portion control and optimum weight management.
*ON SALE* The Female Diet System, containing Female Plate and Calorie Counting Bowl, providing perfect portion control throughout the day. Simple and effective calibrations for any meal, a diet plate system
*ON SALE* Single Female Plate, clinically proven weight loss product, to aid in weight management, designed around portion control, balanced food groups and calorie counting.

Male range

*ON SALE* Two Male Diet Plates, designed to provide accurately nutritionally balanced portioned diets. It counts calories so you don't have to and supports healthy eating, with weight management, including weight maintenance.
*ON SALE* The Male Diet System, using male plate with calorie counting bowl. Providing weight maintenance and perfect portion control.
*ON SALE* Single Male Plate, a clinically proven weight management dish, proven to aid in weight loss and portion control. Balancing food groups and calories.

Child range

*ON SALE* Multipack containing 2 Child Magic plates, for guided healthy living, perfect portion control and weight management.
*ON SALE* The Magic Plate with healthy eating cereal bowl, designed for healthy growth and correct portion control in children.
*ON SALE* Single Plate. The children's Magic Plate is designed around healthy eating and perfect portion sizes for a child which has not entered puberty. A controlled weight management programme providing healthy calorie control to children and young female adults. Boys, should use the Male version after 10 - 11 years old.


Meditation CD, designed to provide motivation in using your weight loss tool, voiced by Michael Skirving. A success accelerator for perfect portion control using simple hypnotic suggestion.
*ON SALE* Single Bowl. The accompanying Calorie Counting Bowl, a weight loss tool for perfect portion control, easy to use colour bands, gives accurate measurements of calorie intake through multiple cereal brands and soup varieties.