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Portion Control Diets

Perfect portion control is the route to controlling your weight, be it to lose weight, gain or simply maintain, it is the key to it all. The best diets start with regulating your portions, and the more control you take in regulating, the greater chance of success. For example, removing a meal a day is a form of diet, but it is lazy portion control. You have no way of knowing if you aren't subconciously adding the calories into a different time of day or you've cut too many and are now starving yourself. Perfect portion control works off the actual figures involved, in versus out, what nutrients you are actually putting into your system, not merely a guess.

Many diets are designed around the lazy form, the suggestion that low-carb diets work on their own is false, for if you consume excess calories in your protien, or too much sugar in fruit, then you continue to pile on the weight. The chance of success in lazy portion control is dependent on the removal of a food group, with the hope that you are not over eating elsewhere.

Removing a whole food category is restrictive and even though it does alter your food portions, it does not inform you of how much you have actually cut from your diet. It also doesn't inform you of how many calories are consumed from ingredients elsewhere. These figures are required for accurate measuring of your bodys diet and giving you perfect portion contol.

When regulating your input of calories accurately, you don't need to restrict any food group, you can eat any meal you wish to make because you'll know exactly how much you can have. Controlling our health becomes a chore in itself, if we are forced to stop taking what we enjoy then the task becomes even harder, a good portion control system should give you both freedom and results.

Portion control done properly, will result in you being able to alter your weight, at your own discretion . If you want to go up, down or stay where you are, taking into account the total calories versus energy expenditure and calculating a recommendation to your body type and needs is the way to do it. Portion control does not mean denying yourself your favorite foods, it simply asks for moderation and an awareness of your own body.

The key is in counting the calories...