A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one that is nutritionally balanced and gives you the correct amount of energy so that you do not gain weight. The human body needs different percentages of food groups which consist of starchy carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fats and fruit and vegetables. In percentage terms, to gain and maintain optimum health you should eat according to how the body utilises the food for energy, growth and repair. We cover this in greater detail in Club Diet Plate but simply put, the Diet Plate has done this for you to take out all the hassle out of weighing food or counting calories through portion control.

Healthy Portions

The percentages for a healthy diet are as follows; 33% starchy carbohydrates, 25% protein, 15% fats and dairy. Fruit and vegetables are considered free foods and as they make great snacks and fillers it would be silly to limit these, so use them for snack times or as fillers if you get hungry, make soups with free vegetables and experiment with spices to jazz them up. You may be losing weight but there is nothing written where it says you have to eat bland food, so enjoy and enjoy guilt free.

But, you can gain weight on a healthy diet if you eat too much. Calories do count, getting the energy balance right is paramount to losing or maintaining weight and beige coloured food is more often than not,  loaded with calories and not much nutrition.

The Diet Plate makes it simple for you because it reflects these percentages in the design. The design of course is registered, and the intellectual property is protected, which is why you will see other designs suggesting 25% starchy carbohydrates - this is incorrect and out of balance. The Diet Plate is the original portion control plate and when the University of Calgary chose it for the clinical trial, they did so because it was and is the only portion plate that accurately reflects the balance required for good health or a successful diet.

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A healthy diet is a colourful one. When you consider a junk food diet, most of the content is pastry and chips/fries - beige, greasy food. A healthy diet involves lots of colour; the more diverse the better - deep greens, bright reds, orange and  yellow, or kale, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, red peppers, chillies, kidney beans, carrots, yellow peppers, butter nut squash and more. There are many wonderful vegetables you can incorporate into your diet, after all, you are what you eat.

You can trust the calibrations on the Diet Plate as an accurate amount of food, to enable you to lose weight  or give you a weight loss of  1-3 lbs a week or more, depending on the speed of your metabolism. You can also use it to maintain a healthy diet; it empowers you and gives you back control of your weight and diet and ultimately your life.