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Exercise the Body Needs

The advice given is recommended to all peoples and is based on ages, it a minimum of what our bodies expect to; maintain a healthy metabolism, muscle strengthen, keep an active healthy heart and burn through the calories of the day. It should be the aim of all people wanting to diet successfully to incorporate some exercise into their day.

Adults Aged 18 and up

To gain anything from our bodies we are expected to put something back in and strengthen them. While it is true that a person can neglect all physical activity, it will mean a steady decline to their health, weakening of the muscles (this includes your Heart) and can result in depression, aches, pains and premature death.

Those with previous conditions that will limit the amount of activity they can do, should still push to do a minimum level of exercise each week, keeping regular checks on injuries they should take care to not over strain the body and should always consult a Doctor before attempting a weekly routine.

It actually becomes easier in the later years, the body has fully grown and does not require the extra effort you have to put in while you grow. After puberty it becomes more about maintaining your health to give yourself the best possible chance and though it still requires a healthy mix of both muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercise, an adult only needs 30 minutes of elevated activity for 5 days out of the week to keep a reasonable level of health.

These 30 minutes can incorporate many different activities of the day, anything active including jobs like grocery shopping, walking the dog and even gardening are all good ways to keep the body active.
Those aged over 18 and in good health should aim to do moderate exercise every day and vary the exercise types used to work the whole body. Moderate exercises such as;

  • Jogging
  • Any active sports
  • Outdoor hobbies such as climbing
  • Gardening
  • Dancing
  • Carrying shopping or weights
  • Yoga

These being only a few examples, will give you an indication of what to aim for however any activity that causes heart rate to increase and puts tension on muscles will be the start to any exercise.

While it could be argued that aerobic exercise is enough to keep the body fit, it is recommended that Muscle training be applied to a workout as well to relieve stress on the body when dealing with heavy strains in the week and help increase the bodies metabolism. It constitutes as any repeated exercise on one particular muscle for a set period. This can be altered between a set time (5 minutes of arm curls) or set to repetitions  (Sit-ups to 20 Reps). Good examples of this are;

  • Repeated weight lifting
  • Resistance Walking
  • Push-Ups
  • Heavy Gardening
  • Furniture Rearranging

Optimum Health

For optimum health an individual should try to complete at least;
150 minutes of Aerobic exercise in some form per Week.
And 60 minutes of muscle-strengthening per Week.