Diet Plan with the Diet Plate

Using the Diet Plate to lose weight is easy, the plan is simple. You can make changes for life by just following our simple guidelines which will enable you to lose all the weight you need to and keep it off forever. We all eat off a plate, the Diet Plate is calibrated to help you keep to the right amount of calories and is governed easily by food groups. This means you can eat all your favourite recipes without compromising taste. 

The Diet Calorie Bowl with give you 200 calories a day for any given cereal, this includes 125 ml of semi-skimmed milk, Why do recommend skimmed milk? We do this because semi-skimmed milk has more vitamins than  skimmed milk and when you are trying to lose weight people often miss out on vitamins and minerals.

'the Diet Plate is right for the whole family'

Therefore the Diet Plate plan is optimised to ensure that you canfamily on a diet plan, diet plate, portion control, diet bowl, lose weight eat freely without compromise but get a very balanced diet.

The Diet Calorie Bowl also doubles as a soup bowl, for which there is a rule of thumb as there are quite literally thousands of recipes. 

All the instructions are contained within the 40 page booklet and we always offer you telephone support or help on-line if necessary. 

The Diet Bowl also triples as a desert bowl for when you are on the maintenance programme.

For lunchtime you can use your Diet Plate for a salad, or choose a 300 - 400 calorie sandwich or wrap. Try to include a free vegetable soup at lunchtime as this will take the edge off any hunger and provide you with a lot of vitamins which will help improve your health too.  

Hot News! 

We will shortly be launching a lunch plate which will deliver just the right amount of calories. This is a 9" plate which is calibrated to make sure you stay within the Diet Plate plan. As soon as it is produced hot out of the kiln, we will email our customer base or those who have contacted us with all the details.  

For your main meal of the day choose anything you would like to eat, nothing is off the menu as long as it is dished out on the Diet Plate. It is that simple...

You can eat unlimited fruit and vegetables with the exception of bananas which are limited to 1 a day. All this and more is contained within the comprehensive booklet which comes with the products.