Club Diet Plate is...

...a 9 week weight management course, with a further twelve months on-line support which can be completed wholly on-line or by attending a club near you with like minded people. The face to face facilitators of Club Diet Plate will be fully qualified health professionals such as; dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers or health trainers.

Club Diet Plate, 9 week course, online support, lose weight online, face to face, personal trainer, dietitians, nutritionistsThis is not a weigh and  pay style slimming club, you should join Club Diet Plate if you want to obtain a firm foundation in weight management, meet your weight loss goals and have an understanding of how to change your eating habits to give long term and behavioural change. We will show you how to avoid yo-yo dieting, recognise the psychology behind your own weight issues and you will acquire the education you need to be able to pass on correct nutritional advice to your family, looking after their future health and generations beyond. 

Obesity is responsible for many illnesses such as; heart disease, kidney and liver disease, Type 2 Diabetes  joint pain and  some cancers. While most people just want to lose weight to look good and feel better, aesthetics should come second to your health in the long term.  Balanced nutrition is the foundation of good health, therefore this course and  the idea of  Club Diet Plate, is to give you all  the information you will need to empower and enable you to take control of your eating habits for life and be able to teach your own family about the benefits of a healthy balanced diet.  The 9 week course is comprehensive and by the time you have completed it, not only will you understand how food affects the human body but you will also understand yourself and your relationship with food and have the tools to lose weight and keep that weight off regardless of what life may throw at you.

If losing weight was easy then we would all be slim, the fact is, that we are all different. We have been brought up in a land where food is plentiful, reasonably cheap and eating is the most prominent and delightful social habit we have. The supermarkets and restaurants have long cashed in on this, seducing us with bigger portions, enticing convenience food and fast food outlets who are all competing for the pound in your pocket. They pit marketing campaigns against each other promising bigger portions, or 2 for 1 offers, they want you to believe that more is better but forget to tell you that the calories are double, They produce persuasive TV advertising campaigns that make your mouth water and create desire for their products. While they do this, are they concerned for your weight and ultimately your health? No! But we are, so if you decide you want to achieve your goals and learn how to maintain them, then this course is for you.

Club Diet Plate will not only offer you this but will be a hub for tips, recipe's, competitions, offers and lots more information. It will incorporate its own social networking site so you can meet people like you, make friends and  if you wish become a diet buddy help others to succeed too. It is a place to meet that is not public, you will have your own profile page to keep track of your progress and keep your information safe and the social networking side is internal to the Club.

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Course Fees

  • Twelve months on-line membership including 9 week course only  2.45 per week over 52 weeks or 125 pa.
  • Twelve months on-line membership with Diet Plate and Bowl and including 9 week course 160 pa or 40 deposit and 2.30 per week over 52 weeks
  • Twelve months on-line membership with Diet Plate and Bowl, plus the 9 week course delivered by a health professional at a venue near you 240 pa, incorporating 99.60 deposit and  2.70 per week over 52 weeks.           
We believe we are more cost effective than the majority of the more established traditional style slimming clubs and that we have a lot more to offer. If you agree then please register your interest below and we will send you details as soon as the site goes live. Please indicate where your interest lies, if it is for the face to face course please leave us your post code, this will help us to recruit a health professional in your area.

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches to the new website for CDP and we are busy recruiting health professionals as facilitators to deliver the face to face groups which will be limited to 25 places over the 9 weeks for each venue. If you choose to register free with us now in advance of the course going live, then we will offer you a substantial saving on the course fees.


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