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What does my body require?

The human body is a biological wonder, which we are told to treat as a temple. In honesty the body does not require much in the way of care, it is exceptionally resistant to disease and will effectively use all the vitamins and nutrients taken in during the day which can be a double edged sword when you eat too much of one food and not enough of another.

It is good practice to count calories in your head, as we can often be swept away in the work of the day and willpower can waiver with moods, an internal calorie counter will improve your attention to what you eat and make it easier for you to follow a balanced diet plan. Of course this will not be as effective as one that records exact data but it will keep you on the right path during the day.

This will prove to be a useful tool for judging what your body still requires for the rest of the day and build a natural feeling to what your system really needs.

In many cases, all around the world, we are subject to our cultures foods, our families favourite meals and our own cravings. All largely dictating what foods are put before us. Truthfully the only way we can maintain full control is to regulate our own balanced diet plans. Do not leave meal making to others, as this can cause awkward compulsions that have been bred into us through society, for example; Being treated to a large meal at a friends house or potential partners. We often feel compelled to complete the meal, to show respect, gratitude and because we are told that food should not be wasted.

While we can let our boundaries down on the occasion, during a diet it can be very dangerous, especially for those that struggle with their convictions. We have to remember that we only need a set amount of vitamins, nutrients and calories for the day, so sometimes it's best to be a little selfish and only eat what you need, not what you can.

Balanced diet plans through portion control

Portion control is the healthiest way to go about dietary needs because unlike other diets which will ban certain foods or focus on only one type of food group. Practising portion control and widening the variety of meals you are eating each week will maintain a healthier body in the long run, ensure you have your full compliment of vitamins and nutrients for an optimal and balanced diet plan.

Good health and weight loss can be achieved with the right knowledge and a little persistence, learning what your body needs for one day is a good way to start and will let you know what to expect.