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Calories in butter

27 Jan 2015 12:53
Top Tip for getting butter servings under control. 

Now the scientists have given the thumbs up to butter as not being overly detrimental to the human body, what we need to address is the calories as they forgot to mention that in all the press releases. Fat is 9 calories per gram and though there is an element of protein in butter (say 10%) at 4 calories per gram, on the whole a 250g packet of butter is equal to 2,130 calories. According to the Diet Plate® rules, a 1" cube of butter is 15g, (128 calories approximately) so a butter pack will cut into 16 cubes to ensure that you get a serving equal too 128 calories or so. Consider this, just 1 poached egg on a small slice (half size of bread) with 15g of butter is equal to a 316 calorie breakfast. If you double it - two eggs, two small toasts, two pats of butter, then you can soon see how the calories mount up at 632 calories for breakfast. Calories count! If you are female, you want between 1300 - 1600 calories a day, depending on age and fitness and if you are male between 1500 -1900 calories a day depending on age and fitness. So as you can see having a large breakfast of two poached eggs, two small/thin pieces of toast and two pats of butter can cost you nearly 50% of your daily allowance and is the reason why most people do not get into their weight loss zone. The Diet Plate® programme, is designed to help you with all of this, keep you on track without having to do any of the hard work. It has the necessary clinical trials to prove how well it works, the conclusion stated that you are 6 times more likely to lose weight using it than going it alone. So why not let us help you, the Diet Plate® makes your goal weight possible.