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The Beverly Hills Diet

The diet was created by Judy Mazel, who advocated the diet in the early 80's, the book became a nationwide seller and was initially received with positive opinion. The diet follows no scientific criteria but a specific plan created by Mazel. It begins quite intensively and has little research behind it, which has brought it under mass scrutiny in further years.

Judy Mazel believed that it was not food that made you overweight, but in fact the digestion of said food. In other words, the combinations of certain ingredients and what times of day they are eaten. Mazel then constructed a diet based around a principle of "Conscious Combining", lumping foods into four simple categories; Fruits, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. Then the dieter follows a plan based around the foods that are processed in the body faster on their own compared to being combined with another group.

The diet is ranged as a 6 week plan and designed as a quick fix, the original plan started with restricting all meals to Fruit for the first 10 days, this was changed quickly due to strong criticism from Doctors and Nutritionists over the dangerous consumption of foods that have a laxative effect. The plan is now includes carbohydrates in the early days as well as fruit and has become more flexible asking participants to follow a few simple rules.

  • 1. Fruit should not be combined with any other food group and should always be eaten individually. Protein should not be eaten with Carbohydrates and vice vera.
  • 2. Each day should start with an enzyme-rich fruit of one particular type and this type of fruit must not be combined with another. For example, if you pick grapes for the first meal, you must not change the fruit unless there is a minimal gap of an hour. If you want to change to another food group like Protein, you must wait two hours.
  • 3. When switching to carbohydrates you must not mix any fruit or protein. You may include what are classed as "Fats" but nothing else. If you wish to change food groups you must wait another 2 hours.
  • 4. Once you have switched to Protein the dieter should remain on Protein for the rest of the day. You may also have "Fats" with proteins but no Carbohydrates or Fruits.

The diet is styled to drop calories on a massive scale and the strict change in dieting habits can provide a number of negative side effects. It has gained much criticism for the unhealthy increase in fruit, where a few pieces as a snack can be healthy for the body, this diet focuses on fruit as a primary source of food. It lacks any medically backed research which has been another cause for criticism.