About Us

About The Diet Plate, Portion Control, Healthy Eating

A brief history.

The product and brand The Diet Plate  has been in existence for over 13 years, the creator/owner and director Kay Illingworth implemented the clever use of size to weight, using the volume of food to dictate calories by food group.

 A visual guide was then given to fine pottery so that it could be easily brought into the home. Made from  fine English earthenware by Royal Stafford Tableware Ltd . 

The products are microwavable and dishwasher friendly and  the elegant  hand painted design will never fade which makes it usable for every meal of the week.

The Diet Plate® is now recognised globally as a valid and effective aid to help control Type 2 Diabetes and make general weight loss easier, with distributors in America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and of course The Diet Plate® is also being used throughout the nation. We provide an easy to use solution for portion control and general weight loss and as the design is based on food groups, absolute freedom in recipe is given.

The Diet Plate® is the original portion control plate  unique in design and remains the only one with clinically proven evidence of efficacy - it works!

It is used in hospitals, clinics and weight loss programmes and we have our own, (new for 2013), a 9 week weight management course with a further 12 month support programme through Club Diet Plate

The belief.

Calorie control should not be something we should have to worry about but it is. It governs our bodies growth and health, providing us with the right amount of nutrients and vitamins for the body. The Diet Plate follows the balance of good health, firmly believing in the principles that will give you a balanced diet without the daily worry that you are eating properly. It has been designed for you, for the home and a lifetime, to aid you into a healthier, balanced lifestyle, which is the foundation of your good health.

The experience.

The Diet Plate works with many dietitians, nutritionists and health practices, supporting good health and well being. Complete with Clinical Trials showing it to aid in the control of Type 2 Diabetes and offer prevention of excessive weight gain. The Diet Plate® can be used by anybody, there is no BMI criteria to be able to successfully use the product to lose weight or maintain goal weight or just adhere to a healthy balanced diet.

Backed by medical bodies for the use of perfect portion control, the Diet  Plate system can guide you in your daily dietary requirements whatever recipes you choose to prepare. Used across the world as a practical means for weight management, the 13 years of experience we have and the feedback from our customers provides us with a good understanding, empathy and compassion for those who wish to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

A promise

We believe in our product and are here to provide the support needed for a successful diet, with office lines open 10am to 4pm to give tips and advice into healthy living or to answer any questions or queries you may have, we will work hard and to the best of our abilities to ensure a healthy and successful diet and weight loss plan that works for you.